Right now, dozens of quality NEW PATIENTS COULD BE CALLING YOUR OFFICE BUT NEVER COMING IN BECAUSE YOUR CALLS ARE NOT BEING HANDLED EFFECTIVELY— costing you on average, $10,000-$50,000 each month in Collections.

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Hear exactly how your potential new patient calls are being handled and how effective your team is in converting callers into new patients. Our Review Team with 25+ years of experience will tell you exactly what areas of the call need improving and give you the tools you need to maximize your new patient opportunities.


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How Much Money Are You Losing By Not Answering Your Phones Properly?

Every call you’re missing or handling poorly is costing you money — to the tune of thousands of dollars every month! With the average lifetime value of a New Patient in a Dental Practice at $1,609, you can’t afford to let them slip through the cracks. You can use our Missed Opportunities Calculator below to estimate the revenue you’re losing, but the only way to KNOW how your calls are being handled is through a Mystery Call!

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